Check-In Checklist

This post was originally published on on March 29, 2020. While we continue this mass effort to provide at-home, 100% remote learning options for now more than 50 million students in the US, our instructional models must adapt to the circumstances.  While we can mourn the many, many hardships and disadvantages of school closures,Continue reading “Check-In Checklist”

How Might We Create Learner-Centered Report Cards?

Devin Vodicka How might we create learner-centered report cards? Report cards are one of the practices that has been so embedded in our industrial-era, factory-model of schools that we seldom stop to ask why we do them. Through the course of my experience as a school leader, it has become clear that stepping back toContinue reading “How Might We Create Learner-Centered Report Cards?”

Assessment Implications of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle

Devin Vodicka The television series “Breaking Bad” features a teacher-turned-drug-dealer who creates an alter-ego character named Heisenberg.  For many, that would be their first association with the title of this post.  To be clear, what follows will reference the work of the German physicist Werner Heisenberg and not the Bryan Cranston character.   The physicist HeisenbergContinue reading “Assessment Implications of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle”