Systems have a profound influence and systems can change

By Devin Vodicka An excerpt from Learner-Centered Leadership “You have to come see this!” It was late July during the first month of my time as superintendent. The call was from Catina Hancock. She had just been named the interim principal at Vista Academy of Visual and Performing Arts after the previous principal unexpectedly resigned.Continue reading “Systems have a profound influence and systems can change”

Focus on the horizon: The dashboard is not the destination

By Devin Vodicka  I love my Toyota Prius.  In addition to feeling good about the fuel efficiency, the interior dashboard displays are customizable and they provide an array of visuals and numeric data that help me to understand how fast I am going, how much fuel I am using, and how efficiently I am driving. Continue reading “Focus on the horizon: The dashboard is not the destination”

New beginnings in two learner-centered communities

By Devin Vodicka As a sports fan, there is something about the start of a new season that breeds hope and possibility.  Every year the standings are reset and all teams go back to a uniform starting line.  In the offseason trades, draft picks, coaching and management changes inspire optimism about how the new teamContinue reading “New beginnings in two learner-centered communities”

Professional development should be learner-centered

By Devin Vodicka When I was new in my role as Director of Curriculum and Instruction one of my first projects was to organize the districtwide professional development days before the start of the school year.  I started planning in July for two days in August and quickly found that I could not secure enoughContinue reading “Professional development should be learner-centered”

3 Takeaways from the ASU-GSV Summit

By Devin Vodicka Last week I was fortunate to attend the ASU-GSV Summit in San Diego.  The conference tagline was “BC to AD” (Before Coronavirus, After Disease) and the gathering brought together educators, ed tech leaders, and funders with a futuristic lens.  For me, this was the first national conference that I’ve attended since COVIDContinue reading “3 Takeaways from the ASU-GSV Summit”

Lessons from Kentucky Deeper Learning Symposium to inspire a strong start to the school year

By Devin Vodicka It was an absolute thrill to attend and participate in the Deeper Learning Symposium in Kentucky last week in Louisville.  Most of the attendees were teachers from Jefferson County Public Schools and I was so impressed with their engagement and optimism throughout the event.  While it will be impossible to capture theContinue reading “Lessons from Kentucky Deeper Learning Symposium to inspire a strong start to the school year”

Building a learner-centered community: Four powerful team building activities

By Devin Vodicka This week we celebrated the launch of Learner-Centered Collaborative by bringing our team together to meet in person for the first time since the pandemic.  Reflecting our strong belief in the importance of relationships, our primary goal for the event was to build community and connections across our team.  Thanks to theContinue reading “Building a learner-centered community: Four powerful team building activities”

Bright Spots and New Learning Models

By Devin Vodicka “When it’s time to change, we must look for bright spots — the first signs that things are working … We need to ask ourselves a question that sounds simple but is, in fact, deeply unnatural: What’s working and how can we do more of it?” Don’t solve problems – Copy successContinue reading “Bright Spots and New Learning Models”

The Wisdom of Crowds: Weighing an ox and learner-centered assessment

By Devin Vodicka “The great Victorian polymath, Sir Francis Galton was at a country fair in 1906, so the story goes, and came across a competition where you had to guess the weight of an ox. Once the competition was over Galton, an explorer, meteorologist, scientist and statistician, took the 787 guesses and calculated theContinue reading “The Wisdom of Crowds: Weighing an ox and learner-centered assessment”

“There is a real world out there and we should learn about it”

By Devin Vodicka Last week during our Altitude Learning Partner Forum we heard from a number of students who reflected on their experiences over this past year.  They were insightful, candid, and they offered a number of excellent suggestions to help our network of educators to better serve all learners.  One of the comments thatContinue reading ““There is a real world out there and we should learn about it””