A Simple Framework for Setting School Goals During a Pandemic

Devin Vodicka For individuals, teams, and organizations it is always helpful to have clarity on where you are going, how you intend to get there, and how you will know if you are making progress. This need is particularly acute during times of great uncertainty. Now, seven months into the COVID-19 pandemic, is definitely oneContinue reading “A Simple Framework for Setting School Goals During a Pandemic”

7 Blogs and Podcasts to Inspire Innovative Leadership

Devin Vodicka These are trying times.  The news headlines in a single day can be overwhelming.  New terms such as “doomscrolling” captures the essence of ongoing crisis conditions.  As the saying goes, “where your attention goes, energy flows.” And so I choose to be selective in where I focus my attention, knowing that I needContinue reading “7 Blogs and Podcasts to Inspire Innovative Leadership”

A rational appeal for more compassion

Devin Vodicka People that know me well would describe me as being an “even” person.  While we all have our ups and downs, I tend to have a fairly consistent disposition where I tend not to get too excited and I am not quick to be angered.  I’ve learned to take good care of myselfContinue reading “A rational appeal for more compassion”

Three questions every parent should be asking their school right now

Devin Vodicka Parents – you have been amazing through this pandemic. You’ve rolled with uncertainty, adjusted to unimaginable logistical complexity, and done your best to support learning at home. You’ve done it all while expressing empathy and support for teachers, principals and others trying their best to navigate the pandemic alongside them. I’m a parentContinue reading “Three questions every parent should be asking their school right now”

What is personalized learning?

Devin Vodicka Traditional learning versus personalized learning is the difference between riding on trains and driving a car. In a train system, the path is pre-established by the tracks that guide and constrain the journey. The departure and arrival times, along with the pace of travel, are also predefined. While efficient for moving large groupsContinue reading “What is personalized learning?”

Pandemic requires school systems to create at least 5 modes of schooling

Devin Vodicka My first concern when school was upended last spring was equity. As education moved online, it didn’t take an expert to recognize the dramatically divergent ways learners might experience fully remote learning. Schools were scrambling to address an array of challenges. My colleagues and educators across the country did the best they could. Continue reading “Pandemic requires school systems to create at least 5 modes of schooling”

Reimagining High School for All

Devin Vodicka My interest in modernizing the experience of high school students began when I was just nine years old.  My mother, a computer teacher at our local high school, was innovating with new technology resources like laser disks, hypercard, and very primitive portable computers like the Osborne (which was the size of a largeContinue reading “Reimagining High School for All”

Reopening school starts with reexamining why it exists in the first place

Devin Vodicka It was already past time for us to revisit the purpose of school. Now we are compelled to do so. In fact, the first step in reopening school this fall, in whatever form we can muster, is to take a step back and reconsider why we have school in the first place.  ForContinue reading “Reopening school starts with reexamining why it exists in the first place”

5 Lessons from the microschool experience to consider in the era of COVID-19

Devin Vodicka The microschool concept emerged in the past decade as a natural extension of the learner-centered movement. What was not to love about the idea of small-community embedded campuses that would make it much easier for educators to personalize learning, empower student agency, create purposefully diverse learning environments, and open up the walls ofContinue reading “5 Lessons from the microschool experience to consider in the era of COVID-19”

6 Ideas to Promote Family Engagement During Distance Learning

Devin Vodicka Last week I had several opportunities to connect on Zoom calls with educators across the country and we discussed the challenges and opportunities of this most unusual “back to school” season. Themes such as relationships and community-building, along with a natural orientation to using new tools and resources, were central in the conversationsContinue reading “6 Ideas to Promote Family Engagement During Distance Learning”